The Bumpers Awards

We Built This City on Tweets and Twoll

How great are we? Let’s celebrate the greatness that is Business Media Public Relations [BMPR] tweetups by patting ourselves on the back with our inaugural awards: The Bumpers!

From now until midnight Thursday, April 29, you can write in nominations for 27 prestigious categories! Just register your e-mail address at here to begin submitting nominations.

Nominate your favorite San Antonio handle in the following categories:

Blogger – They Web. They log. They blog.
Business – They take care of it.
Congeniality – Second to Sandra Bullock, of course.
Corporate – Bringing life to a logo.
Drama King/Queen – Oh the DRAMA!
Education – Being smart is their business.
Entertainment – Food, music, fun, they are in the know!
False Advartising – You look so much different in person.
Helpful – Tips and tools for the trade!
Humor – Buahahahahaha!
Media – Meaty-who?
No They Dih-n’t/Blunder – When your DM turns out to be an inappropriate public tweet…
Nonprofit – We all profit from their great tweets!
On the Scene (Moment-to-Moment Details) – News, society, event, these tweets gives us a backstage access
Picture (Still or Video) – Capturing that one shining moment
Politics – Red, white and you
Public Relations – Relating to the public
Rant Rat – Making high blood pressure entertaining
Religion and Spirituality – Deep thoughts
Retail – Stimulating the economy and our Twitter feed
Sad Trombone – Blame Murphy. It’s his law.
Snark Shark – Best defense mechanism? Word Wide Webs
Sports – Personality or team, gonna make you sweat
Technology – Geek chic!
Twitterati/Almost Famous – Hold me closer, Tony Danza
Weather – Whether or not what?
Weird – Cuckoo kitsch

We will present The Bumpers at our April tweetup! Winners will keep their acceptance tweets to 140 characters!

Questions? Touch base with @BrenMunoz or @NoraFrost

See you at The Bumpers!

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